Research History

Undergraduate Researcher – Ecosystem Electronics Lab
(2014 – Present)
California State University Monterey Bay (CA)
Mentor: Steve Moore

Project: Building remote camera systems for sustainable fisheries research in the Ulithi atoll
•  Designed and built remote camera systems including: baited remote underwater video systems (BRUVs) and a drop quad system
•  Accompanied research group to field site in Ulithi, Yap State, Federate States of Micronesia to collect data and make repairs to BRUVs as necessary

Project: Variables affecting egg survival and development of CA Market Squid (Loligo opalescens) in the Monterey Bay
•  Operated boat or tow cam during data collection
•  Repaired, maintained, and deploy stationary long-deployment camera system

Project:  Surveying the Carmel Canyon
•  Repaired, maintained, and deployed remotely operated vehicles (ROV)
•  Designed and built remote camera system to study the canyon walls

Undergraduate Researcher – Elkhorn Slough Estuarine Research Reserve
(June- August 2015)
Ocean Science Research Experience for Undergraduates at Monterey Bay(CA)
Mentors: Dr. Rikke Jeppesen, Dr. Kirsten Wasson

Project: European green crab (Carcinus maenas) distribution in the Elkhorn Slough
•  Created a novel C. maenas growth curve for the Elkhorn Slough region
•  Collected and process water samples for long term monitoring surveys
•  Conduct sea otter behavior surveys

Laboratory Volunteer – Dr. Steven Morgan Laboratory
(2012 – 2014)
Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California Davis (CA)
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gravem, Dr. Steven Morgan

•  Successfully trained new volunteers without supervision
•  Led volunteers in doctoral candidate’s data collection maintenance of field treatments which later resulted in a successful dissertation


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